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Large Range of Concrete Tools & Supplies

We stock everything for the professional concreter and a number of products for  DIY concreters. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are always happy to assist in selecting the right product for your project.

Brands & Tools We Supply

Marco Pesaro, Ox Group, Bescon, Ezytools, Marshalltown, Crommelins and Flextool.

We have a large range of trowel machines, pressure washers, handy vibes, compactors, demolition saws, sprayers & backpack sprayers

Machinery Repairs & Servicing

Need repairs or servicing? Drop in your machines, and we’ll arrange a mobile mechanic to perform repairs and servicing on your concrete machinery.


• Colour Hardeners
• Stencils
• Slate Impression Mats
• Release Agents
• Retardants
• Resurfacing Products
• Self-levelling compounds
• Crack repair compounds
• Grouts

Miscellaneous Products

• Demolition blades

• Ute mesh

• Fibreglass Durabars How To Lay GFRP

• Wheelbarrows

• Black poly

• Bar chairs and guards

• Expansion foam

• Spray paint

• Safety tape

• Star pickets

• Rebate clamps

• Drill bits

• Shovels

• Rakes and brooms

• Screeds and a whole lot more!!

Plumbing Supplies

• Channels and grates (1m and 3m)

• Pits in various sizes

• Fittings in various types and sizes

Products, Tools, Machinery & Repairs

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